About Me

Amber McCrea's Story

I'm Amber,

My purpose on this earth is connection. My expertise is Emotional Focused Therapy and nutrition. I have always loved teaching and encouraging others. I have been coaching and teaching men, women, and children my whole life, walking alongside them through many journeys.

I am a mom of 2, grandma, wife, coach, and lover of learning, art, nature, and dark roasted dandelion tea.

My life purpose was revealed to me when I almost lost my daughter and brother within a span of 2-years. Watching loved ones suffer daily from a disconnect of self/others, trauma induced-depression, and fighting for the will to live was the most exhausting, heartbreaking, and life-challenging thing I have ever experienced. In the middle of trying to fix their situations (you know, “help them”….) I learned two life-changing lessons:

  1. Connection is the MOST significant and essential thing in this life; we are created for connection. Connection and healing do not happen through trying to fix someone or their situation. It occurs when you LOVE people right where THEY are.
  1. I had to gain confidence in what I was doing to truly be there for my daughter and brother, which meant learning to connect with myself. I had to learn how to nurture my mind, body, and soul. Making connection my #1 priority and gaining confidence required me to change myself in almost every way. Many people have a tough time with change. Thus I received a lot of judgment from others, I needed to have confidence in myself and my choices, so I had to figure out a way to dig deep, stand up for what I believed, and create boundaries. I moved forward. I created consistency and momentum toward my goals while understanding my why and purpose. From here, my 4 Pillars of Treatment were formed. 

Expertise: A fusion of Holistic Nutrition, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Active Listening, Goal Achieving, Energy Work, and Body Movement. With these keys, you will experience a more meaningful, energetic, and connecting life.

As a holistic nutrition professional, my philosophy is that health is an expression of the complex interaction between physical and chemical elements, mental, emotional aspects, and spiritual/environmental components. I use education to improve people’s health by treating each person as a unique individual.

My protocols and advice are evidence-based principles and holistic practices. Emphasizing active lifestyles, healthy eating habits, and detoxification. My goal is to keep people healthy rather than just manage symptoms. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to specific health concerns.

I use a comprehensive analysis of my clients’ complete history. This includes diet, emotional well-being, exposure to environmental toxins, and lifestyle habits in order to create a personalized treatment plan. We will manage a variety of health/mental/emotional, physical, and related concerns.  My goal as a Nutritional Therapist is to find the root cause and teach you tools to heal yourself.


LOVE is making someone feel seen, heard, valued & safe.


Love Yourself

Mission Statement

To walk alongside others who have experienced disconnect from themselves or others, leaving them feeling anxious, exhausted, and alone. To create health, energy, and connection.

Core Values

Validation: I strive to honor exactly where you are right now. When a person feels seen, heard, and loved, it creates safety.

Active Listening: I want to honor your personal story. To know you is to heal you.

Encouragement: I pledge to bring positivity to your life 🙂 Being reminded of what you are doing right feels amazing!

Baby steps: I will break everything down into bite-sized pieces; keeping things simple and repeatable will create consistency.

Growth: I will hold you accountable to always be moving forward. It is ok to pause but we must keep moving forward.

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