Read from my happy client's!

Amber is absolutely amazing!! She is very intricate and calculated on the focus of the session and topic. She holds no biased opinion, only facts. She and I were friends before I started my journey. I was 100% honest about what I wanted to work on and she helped me see both sides of the situation that I wasn’t aware of. She knows how to be professional, and how to keep our friendship and business totally separate. She is very patient, attentive, validating, and honest. I will absolutely stick with her as she has had a very important role in my growth. Honestly, Amber has helped me more than my family counselor. I would absolutely recommend Amber for any services she has to offer.

Rocky Pastorino

I have to say I was super nervous about starting my journey. It melted away as soon as we got started. There was no judgment (which is a huge fear of mine) I felt comfortable talking with her about things that are uncomfortable. She is compassionate and will make you feel heard. I’m still on my journey with her and I have to say, I see hope in the future for me that I haven’t seen in a while. She is helping me get to the root of my health problems. I could not recommend her enough. If you think you’re ready for this journey, I highly recommend Amber.

Jesica Harvey

I can’t say enough about Amber McCrea! At a turning point in my life, I learned about her services. I was nervous, but I was met with no judgment, a compassionate heart, and a wealth of knowledge. She was with me every step of the way. I finally felt heard and seen by someone in the medical field.  I gained more energy and clarity by knowing what foods worked with MY body. In doing so, I was reconnecting to my body and healing my whole self, mind, body, and spirit.  The tools I learned have inevitably reestablished my connection to others. I would highly recommend Amber to anyone!

Sheila Gillespie-Hart

Working with amber has been amazing. She’s full of energy and knowledge. She helped motivate me and kept me accountable. In one year, I had the most successful health-wise I’ve ever had. Highly recommend working with her. She never ceases to amaze. Always has something else to teach and never stops or gives up!

Daniel Terrell

When we first came to Amber with our concerns for our 8-year-old son, he was underweight, pale, and experiencing nausea, stomach pains, headaches, and sometimes even chest pains after pretty much every meal – for years. Starting at around age 6, his pediatrician repeatedly dismissed my concerns, relating them to emotional distress, and ultimately suggested I start him on antacids. This “solution” just didn’t sit right with us, so we kindly declined. I worried myself sick as I watched him get thinner and thinner, and more and more malnourished as he aged. We tried to remove things from his diet, but nothing seemed to help long-term, and I felt all I could do was try and hold it together and just coach him through each of his painful episodes after eating and before bed… I figured this was just how life was going to have to be. But Amber truly came to our rescue. She introduced us to the DNA blueprint, gave us guidance on supplements to help heal his gut and make up for missing nutrients…. and here we are, just 3 months later… my son is putting on weight, feeling good, and no longer so miserable, and just overall thriving. Words cannot express how grateful we are. Amber’s incredible intuition, genuine empathy, years of experience and comprehensive knowledge has brought our family an overwhelming sense of peace. The incredible joy it brings us to see our son able to enjoy food again, eat without it resulting in pain, and watch him progressing more and more normally, is indescribable – completely priceless. Thank you, Amber, for your help! We appreciate you!!!

Patricia Bradley

Through working with Amber McCrea, I’m learning how to look at healthy eating differently, as a unique combination of fuel that operates my body. Just like other machines I am noticing when I’m not providing enough or the right nutrients to optimize my energy and emotions.

I’m also learning to look to myself for love and affirmation. This means healing previous trauma and acceptance of myself as well as those I love. I’m embracing my flaws and appreciating myself for being where I was when I made various decisions knowing that I did the best I could at that particular point in time.

Jodi Andino